Today's Resident Interview is with Elizabeth Klise!

In her work, Elizabeth Klise explores the intersection between writing, education, and visual art. Her latest pieces feature curated sequences of original art once used in the production of educational filmstrips. Through the addition of text and lettering, these works often involve language and coding, and the alphabet always serves as a foundational element. With their educational underpinnings,these new series address the “education” we receive and remember ... and the “alphabets” that form the language of our lives. Klise holds an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and a BA from the University of Notre Dame. She has lived in a diversity of cities (New York, Paris, San Francisco, Mexico City) and held a variety of jobs, including serving on the staff of the American Academy in Rome and writing and producing a five-part art history video series entitled Exploring Art: Forms and Ideas in Art of the Western World. Be sure to swing by the Prairie Center and check out her new work!

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