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2012 was a Great Year for Prairie Center Here are a Few Highlights ·We were honored to house 39 talented artists from around the world with 1,856 overnights equating to an 81% occupancy rate.This was an increase from 27 artists in 2011.We had an artist from Japan, one from Columbia, and the rest hailed from all over the United States.

·Our Community Artists in Residence Program grew in 2012 from three artists to nine whereby we provided studio space for local artists free of charge for periods of three to six months.
·We offered a one year residency for a program manager.Ron Ray was the successful candidate and arrived February 1. He has been the “glue” that makes our residency program a vibrant place for all of the artists involved.Ron has decided to go back to his studio full time. Good Luck, Ron.
·To rave reviews by visiting artists we began transporting them between the house in Germantown Hills and the studios in Peoria.
·In October Prairie Center hosted the CIAO “Vernissage” exhibitio…