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New Year Update!

New Program Director arrives end of January - Ron Ray joins the staff at Prairie Center Of The Arts in 2012 as the new Program Director.  Ron comes to Peoria from Paris, France, where he has been living and working on staff at an artist residency in the French countryside.  He has been a working artist for over 20 years and will continue his art while at Prairie Centers.  His studio will be open for visits by residents as well as the public.  Ron has an extensive background as a curator and has worked in the gallery side of art as well.  He has lived and worked in The United States, Italy, France, Spain and China and attended artist residencies in several countries, bringing a world view of art with him. We welcome him and look forward to a great new year at Prairie Center Of The Arts filled with a celebration of art, exploration and wonder.
********************************************************************************************** Looking forward our plans for 2012 will enhance the…