Last week was a very busy, and very awesome week for both current and former residents! First, former residents Jessica Bingham and Heather Brammier had a collaborative installation showing at Western. Check out "Remember This" At Annex Gallery. Up until April 6th! Then not even three days later, our current resident, Barbie Perry, was featured in the group show "Seeking Light: Shedding Light." The show is located at the Peoria Downtown Library Gallery. Be sure to swing by and check out Barbie's awesome work. We at the Prairie Center are very proud of our residents and all of the fantastic work they do. Keep it up y'all!
Our Resident Barbie Perry is included in the exhibition "Seeking Light: Shedding Light"with three other artists currently up at the Main Library Gallery at 107 NE Monroe Peoria, IL. The show is up until the 29th and there is a reception this Saturday March 10th, from 2-4pm. Be sure to swing by and check it out! Really excited to see your hard work Barbie!
Prairie Center Call for Residents! Go to the Residency Program tab for more details
Very proud of our former Resident Chelsie Tamms of Lettering Works for winning not one but two American Advertising Awards! Gold Award + Judge's Choice for 100 Days of Peoria Book Gold Award + Judge's Choice for Advertising Invite Design
Fantastic work Chelsie and Congratulations!!
Be sure to come to the opening this Saturday at 5:00p.m. of "Parallel Lines: A Multimedia Exhibition" an artist talk will be held at 5:30! Come and see all of the hard work that was poured into this work!
Former Resident Chelsie Tamms is working on an awesome collaboration!  Be sure to check it out!

Local musician Josiah Williams - Musician and Chelsie Tamms of Lettering Works, are collaborating on a special project: "Together We Work"

"Together We Work" is a new song by Josiah Williams, that promotes unity, equity, and encourages people to be active in developing their communities. This event will serve as a public music video shoot, inviting members of the community to share their image, and show their support for the song's message.

Today's Resident interview is with Dan Ossandon

Dan studied graphic design at Chaffey College in California.  After his education he worked various
screen printing jobs off and on for 7 years, which when given his knowledge of design, led to his interest
in mixing the two worlds. Working mostly with print, Dan likes to use vibrant colors and human shapes
and forms to create work that is self-reflective of his life and environment.  His Imagery comes from
the the experiences and interactions he has on a daily basis.  He will be featured in an exhibition this
coming Friday at 5 p.m. at 1028 sw Adams St. so be sure to swing by and check out his work yourself.
 Great work Dan!