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Hey Everybody! Fantastic opportunity for a show if you are interested in or do a lot of monotypes! Entry deadline is Thursday Feb. 15. Be sure to apply if you are interested!
Barbie Perry has a Bachelor’s in economics but has always been a huge participant in the art world since a young age.  Often going to museums and exhibitions, she has always wanted to be an artist because of her love of art and now is at a point in her life where she can fully pursue those artistic endeavors.  After volunteering at the Prairie Center for a long time, Barbie decided to apply for a residency, to allow herself room to explore her ideas and mediums and push herself conceptually and creatively. With interests in printmaking and mixed media, she spends her days at the Prairie Center experimenting and sampling processes and mediums while making some fantastic work.  
She is in a four person exhibition coming this March at the Peoria Public Downtown Library.  Be sure to keep it on your calendars and check it out!  Great work Barbie!!  

Follow her on Instagram @barbieperryart

For today's Resident highlight, we will be looking at former PCA resident
Michael Jermaine Adams studied drawing and graphic design at Bradley but is currently focusing on painting in his artistic pursuits. With his work Michael likes to merge the intangible with the tangible by playing with abstract and representational imagery. His work focuses a lot on duality, and the duality of storytelling. He is currently featured in Emergence at the Riverfront Museum and the work he is doing now at his residency here at the PCA is a continuation of that work featured in the exhibition. Michael’s work will be featured at an opening on Jan. 5th at Studios on Sheridan at the Sunbeam building. Be sure to check it out! Great work Michael!

"An Almost Unnoticed Quietus" is an exhibition up at the Eleanor D. Wilson Museum by former 2011 Artist in Residence Jennifer Anderson Printz.  Fantastic work Jennifer!  If you are in the Roanoke Area, be sure to check it out.  Exhibition closes Dec. 20th

We want to welcome Alexander Martin to our residency program.In addition to creating his own work he has assumed part time duties as our printshop program and gallery manager.
Alexander Martin is an artist living and working in Peoria IL.Born in Hurricane West Virginia, He received his BFA from West Virginia University in 2010.He went on to receive his MFA from Bradley University in 2017.In 2015 he co-founded the artist run project space Project 1612.After receiving his MFA Alexander spent a brief time on a residency at T.H.I.Studios in Tottenham North London.

Questions about masculinity, femininity, sexuality, and the stereotypes and stigmas associated with them are what drives the creation of my work.I want to look at the ways in which western culture defines gender and sexuality; scrutinize the patriarchal view that we have on these concepts and better understand the constructs that we as a society have created.