Allison Walsh studied Painting, Spanish, and Philosophy in her undergraduate studies. She began her residency in the summer of 2017 with the intention to finish the post-production for her documentary Parallel Lines. Although her residency focused on her documentary work, her studio practice covers a broad range, including painting and performance. In her work she thinks a lot about the body and making the unnoticed noticed. Allison’s art practice is more about paying attention to things rather than creating them, and this idea even carries over into her painting. She is moving more towards documentary work but fully embraces her fine art background, as it gives her a unique perspective in which to explore film and documentary and create work that could not be made otherwise.Check out her website and her Instagram @allisonwalshartist. Keep your calendars open February 10th, she will be having an open viewing and lecture featuring work from her documentary along with other supplementary materials. Be sure to swing by and check it out because it will be fantastic! Great work Allison!

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