Barbie Perry has a Bachelor’s in economics but has always been a
huge participant in the art world since a young age.  Often going
to museums and exhibitions, she has always wanted to be an artist
because of her love of art and now is at a point in her life where she
can fully pursue those artistic endeavors.  After volunteering at the
Prairie Center for a long time, Barbie decided to apply for a residency,
to allow herself room to explore her ideas and mediums and push
herself conceptually and creatively. With interests in printmaking and
mixed media, she spends her days at the Prairie Center experimenting
and sampling processes and mediums while making
some fantastic work.  

She is in a four person exhibition coming this March at the
Peoria Public Downtown Library.  Be sure to keep it on your
calendars and check it out!  Great work Barbie!!  

Follow her on Instagram @barbieperryart

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