Last Week to see the show!

Backspace Collective
Metropolis Familiarisends Friday, August 22
Gallery Hours: Monday - Friday
10am -3:00pm or by appointment
please contact Dawn Gettler
Metropolis Familiaris
Internationally Juried Show
at Prairie Center of the Arts Gallery One
Urban sunset, Christina LaMaster
Our cities are made up of thousands of individual cells working separately yet together to form a unified body. Circulatory systems move goods, currency, information, and people throughout the city. The combination of these interactive systems starts to mimic the complexity found in biological organisms. Metropolis familiaris will explore how cities are a shared environment - places of private space and public space. How do our individual lives affect each other? How do buildings talk to each other? Architecture and city systems come to life as cities rise and fall and the people within them change.
In Metropolis familiaris, artists are invited to respond creatively to the Metropolis familiaris theme, whether they address the questions above, or find an entirely different approach.

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