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The Prairie Center was founded in 2003 to provide artists with opportunities for research and development of new work; to provide an accessible facility for art and creativity that embraces the Peoria area community offering equipment and new technologies not currently available to the general public.

Moving into 2014 Prairie Center temporarily suspended the residency program to focus on implementing a Community Print Shop and Book Arts facility. Since 2006 we have been acquiring equipment and supplies from various venues to be able to install a press which will serve our community with memberships, studio access, classes and workshops to enhance awareness of the fine art of printmaking and book arts. Over the past months we have moved equipment and supplies into place with the able management of Robert Rowe from Bradley and Dawn Gettler, Prairie Center’s Program Manager.

We are ready to reopen the residency program to local artists with the full intention that we will be able to again bring artists from around the world within a year or so. 

We are very excited about this project and hope to share it with you. Watch for us at the Ignite Showcase August 9 at the Civic Center!

Prairie Center Print Shop is community work experience in the art of making multiples.
We share technology, equipment, space and expertise to foster the growth and knowledge of Book Arts and Printmaking in Peoria. Prairie Center is a place where ideas grow, projects come to life, and things get done.
Some of the things we hope to offer:
  • Memberships
  • Studio Access
  • Classes and Workshops in:
    • Letterpress
    • Book Binding
    • Polymer Plate Making
    • Box Making and Structures
    • Relief Printing
    • Collagraph
    • Monoprint
    • Drypoint
    • Engraving
  • Individual Lessons
  • Open Studio Nights
  • Residencies for Local Artists


Prairie Center of the Arts
Gallery One and Two Exhibitions
Spring 2014
Gallery Hours:
Monday - Friday
10am -3:30pm  or by appointment
(and reception times below)
please contact Dawn Gettler

Metropolis Familiaris

Internationally Juried Show
at Prairie Center of the Arts Gallery One

July 11th - August 22nd
Opening Reception: July 11th, 5pm - 8pm
Jurors Lecture: August 1st, 5pm-8pm Lecture Starts at 6:00pm

Our cities are made up of thousands of individual cells working separately yet together to form a unified body. Circulatory systems move goods, currency, information, and people throughout the city. The combination of these interactive systems starts to mimic the complexity found in biological organisms. Metropolis familiaris will explore how cities are a shared environment - places of private space and public space. How do our individual lives affect each other? How do buildings talk to each other? Architecture and city systems come to life as cities rise and fall and the people within them change.
In Metropolis familiaris, artists are invited to respond creatively to the Metropolis familiaris theme, whether they address the questions above, or find an entirely different approach.

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