August 7, 2013

Current Artists in Residence

Megan Ewert, Painter
Ryan Flanagan, Writer
Mary Chi-Whi Kim, Writer
Maria Dimanshtein, Painter, Sculptor, Performance
Silvia Lerin, Painter & Installation
Carrie Lingscheit, Printmaker
Sarah Nesbit, Painter (local)
Susanne Nestory, Painter (local)
Megan Pitcher, Video & Performance
Danielle Rado, Writer
Anastasia Samoylova, Photographer (local)
 Britni Ulrich, Painter (local)
Sarah Williamson, Painter (local)

Quote from Dan Malakoff:
"A month at Prairie Center of the Arts seems both boundless and over in a snap. Any day there I could completely lose myself in writing. In the end, though, I wished I had another couple months. Prairie’s an amazingly productive place to work."

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