What: Aerial Performance
Who: Erin Garber-Pearson
Date: Friday, June 22, 2012
Time:  8:00 PM
Where:  Prairie Center of the Arts
1506 SW Washington St
Peoria, IL  61602
K-3 studios

Erin Garber-Pearson is a multi-media artist and circus performer.  Friday is Erin’s last day as a resident artist at the Prairie Center.  She will give a performance of her aerial acrobatics in the stunning warehouse atmosphere of Prairie Center of the Arts. 

Aerial silks is an acrobatic circus art form consisting of a long piece of fabric hung from a high rig point, and a performer who climbs the fabric, tying their body into knots which can be unrolled or dropped away for dramatic falls. 

In July she will perform at many events in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area including the Milwaukee Art Museum on July 22nd in celebration of their exhibit
Posters of Paris: Toulouse-Lautrec and His Contemporaries.

Fabric Silk Screened while in residence at Prairie Center

March, 2012

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