Open Studios

The Prairie Center of the Arts is committed to providing resources for experienced and dedicated printmakers by offering access to the Prairie Center

Print Shop Sessions: Friday’s 2-7 and Saturdays 11-4 

$20 session fee, $20 one time orientation fee and a $20 refundable deposit. 

Presses must be scheduled with the Print Shop manager on a first come, first served basis. Email

Prairie Center Print Shop guidelines:

      To use the Prairie Center’s equipment, please submit a letter of intent to be approved by the Prairie Center at least 1 week before your visit. First time users must submit a resume or vita.
      A onetime orientation fee of $20 will apply for printers new to the Center. This orientation will go over how to operate equipment and the standards of the Print Shop.
      A $20 deposit will be refunded if the equipment and spaces are clean after work is complete and there is no damage to presses or equipment.
      Artists must supply their own paper or other medium for printing.
      Clean all equipment thoroughly after each use and return to its original state.
      Clean all glass plates (or other ink-mixing surfaces), and ink knives that were used; return closed ink containers to the ink area. Clean up any random ink spills around the Shop.
      Nothing may be removed from the Prairie Center premises without written approval from the staff.
      Handle antique metal and wood type, print blocks and presses with care.
      Use galleys to carry type from cases to your press.
      Clean type and blocks and return them to the proper drawers or shelves after use.
      Metal and Wood type and blocks should be cleaned only with mineral spirits.
      Should there be any damage to the metal or wood type or blocks that are used return these items to Prairie Center staff for repair.
      Do not alter any type or print blocks without permission from the Prairie Center.
      Do not use any alternative printing methods without permission from the Prairie Center.
      Do not enter the factory operation areas (marked) or designated “Staff Only.”
      Alcoholic beverages or smoking are not allowed in the building or on the premises.
      The Prairie Center staff may take photos of you and your work, if you do not wish for them to be used on the Prairie Center website or promotional items please inform PCA staff.

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