Residency Program

Local Residency Studio Program 

Prairie Center of the Arts provides artists with residencies in our Book Arts and Printmaking print shop facilities. This fully equipped Print Shop allows artists to use unique machinery and a plethora of type that most would not have access to otherwise.

The Prairie Center was founded in 2003 to provide artists with opportunities for research and development of new work; to provide an accessible facility for art and creativity that embraces the Peoria area community offering equipment and new technologies not currently available to the general public.

We provide free studio space for 6 months with operational hours. We are looking for local area artists (or artists that can provide their own housing) with a dedicated studio practice that can commit to using their studios 15-20 hours per week. 

Application Deadline January 9th, 2017

for Fall/Winter Residency March 7th  -  August 31st, 2017

(we do accept short term residency proposals on an ongoing basis)
(same application process applies. These short term residencies range from 1 week to two months.)

Please contact with any further questions.

The $15 application fee can be mailed to the Prairie Center of the Arts or paid online via Paypal.

Current & Upcoming Prairie Center A.I.R.'s

Prairie Center of the Arts provides time, space, and resources. The artists' job is to show up and make work.

Michael Gilbert, Printmaking & Book Arts

Chelsie Tamms, Letterpress

Barbie Kuester Perry

Other Artists working at Prairie Center of the Arts

Susan Czechowski, Printmaking

artists in residence working in the Print Shop at Prairie Center

Former Prairie Center Residents